Write articulate in a sentence

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If you're not only, then I will steal your essay cards. Jan 25,  · His new book, How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One, is part ode, part how-to guide to the art of the well-constructed sentence. Fish is something of a sentence connoisseur, and he says writing a fine sentence is a delicate process — but it's a process that can be learned.

Articulate definition is - expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively; also: expressed in such a manner. How to use articulate in a sentence.

expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively; also: expressed in such a manner. How to use articulate in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word articulate? Here are some examples. Basically, you can use the word articulate in any context where the verb “show” can be used.

You have demonstrated that you can articulate as well as you can illustrate the principle by personal action. What are some examples of sentences using the word "articulate"? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Better writing. No matter what you are working on.

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The writing that a person attempts, could be inarticulate also. What are some examples of sentences using the word "acquiescence"? Write personal and professional communications with clarity, confidence, and style. How to Write It is the essential resource for eloquent personal and professional self-expression.

Articulating Sentence Examples

Award-winning journalist Sandra E. Lamb transforms even reluctant scribblers into articulate wordsmiths by providing compelling examples of nearly every type and form of written communication.

Write articulate in a sentence
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