Pakistan role in war on terror

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Pakistan: A Hard Country | Book Review

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Union Of South Asia

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Madam Annam Azeem Begged by:. The home secretary said that Pakistan played a praiseworthy role in the war on terror, adding that reform programmes in Punjab are being brilliantly executed under Shehbaz's leadership, evident by. Jan 23,  · "Pakistan is being treated so unequally while we are the ones who are in the lead role fighting the global war on terror," said Pervez Musharraf, interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer for "The.

On Monday, Trump said the US would no longer be investing as much in foreign aid to Pakistan as it had under previous presidents unless the country contributed better to anti-terrorism measures in. ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif has said that the whole world recognises Pakistan’s contribution to the fight against terrorism and wants to learn from our experience.

The chief minister appreciated the role played by the armed forces in war against terrorism and paid tributes to the sacrifices rendered by soldiers. The role played by the armed forces of Pakistan in war against terrorism would be written in the annals of history in golden letters as peace had been restored due to their sacrifices, he added.

NEW DELHI/WASHINGTON -- Pakistan slammed the recent U.S.

Record needs to be put straight on Trump's tirade against Pak: Imran Khan

decision to cancel $ million in military aid over the country's alleged support of terrorist groups, as Islamabad's ties with Washington.

Pakistan role in war on terror
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Record needs to be put straight on Trump's tirade against Pak: Imran Khan | Business Standard News