Legalization of divorce in the philippines

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PHILIPPINES - Divorce to Be Made Legal?

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InRepresentative Manuel C. Ortega filed House Bill No.seeking for the legalization of divorce. This Congress (14th Congress), Gabriela again filed a bill to introduce divorce in the Philippines.

My own take on the Legalization of Divorce in the Philippines. Is the issue here morality or pure personal will and greed? Here are my thoughts.

What about you, are you for or against the legalization of the Divorce Bill in the Philippines? Kindly pick. We provide fast Malaysia document legalization services for documents originating from the United States (State & Federal).

Common documents we receive are: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Decree, Single Status Affidavit, and more. Divorce is a controversial issue ever since it was mentioned in the Philippine Congress.

It waswhen Representative Manuel C. Ortega filed the House. Citing a study, Senator Pia S. Cayetano asserted in her “Anti-Prostitution Act” (Senate Bill No.

s), that the number of people being exploited in prostitution in the Philippines could be as high as ,

Legalization of divorce in the philippines
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