Homo rights

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Gay rights movement

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Trucks are also venerated e. The Human Rights Campaign is America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) social movements are social movements that advocate for LGBT+ people in society.

Social movements may focus on equal rights, such as the s movement for marriage equality, or they may focus on liberation, as in the gay liberation movement of the s and s.

The International Human Rights Clinic is the practice arm of the Human Rights Program. More > Academic. The Academic Program is the center for scholarship at the Human Rights Program. More > View All Areas Areas of Focus. Criminal Justice and Health.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Gay rights movement, also called homosexual rights movement or gay liberation movement, civil rights movement that advocates equal rights for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals; seeks to eliminate sodomy laws barring homosexual acts between consenting adults; and calls for an end to discrimination against gay men and lesbians in.

International human rights law lays down obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.

Human rights

Universal and inalienable. The principle of universality of human rights is the cornerstone of international human rights law.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights The UDHR is the first international statement to use the term "human rights", and has been adopted by the Human Rights movement as a charter.

Homo rights
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Gay Rights and the Constitution