Gsm technology

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GSM - Overview

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CDMA vs. GSM: What's the Difference?

AN Using PIC32 MCUs to Develop GSM/GPRS/GPS Solutions Application Note This application note describes a reference design that enables the implementation of GSM/GPRS/GPS connectivity using a PIC32 microcontroller.

GSM system based on time division multiplexing is discussed. Also find details and working of GSM modem, its interfacing to microcontroller and applications.

ZUDEN, a global provider in security solutions, offers a wide range of security products include: Wired/Wireless Alarm System,GSM alarm system,Access control system,CCTV camera,PTZ Domes etc.

CDMA overview. The UMTS World is an 3G mobile system news and information provider. Comprehensive coverage of UMTS / 3G news, licensing, business developments, 3G WCDMA telecommunication technology, multi media mobile phones and future communications.

Gsm technology
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