Geological hazard

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Geologic Hazards

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Geologic hazards

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geologic hazard

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The dedicated staff of the Colorado Geological Survey devote their careers to actively researching geologic hazards throughout the. The second, “Radon: A Geologic Hazard in Arizona,” was published in by AZGS Senior Geoscientist, Jon Spencer. It is a marvelous primer on the origin and hazards of radon gas, which is second only to tobacco as a cause of lung cancer in the U.S.

Spencer uses maps, graphs, and descriptive text to finger radon hot spots in Arizona. Geological Hazard Maps and Datasets We can identify exposure to geological hazards, such as earthquake ground shaking, landslides, tsunami inundation, fire and flooding.

Plate Tectonics

This assists our clients in planning emergency management, and managing corporate or regional assets, such as water, wastewater, drainage, gas, electricity, telecommunications.

Geological Hazards is the first book to consider both natural and man-made disasters in a single volume. All major geological hazards are examined.

It presents a state-of-the art survey for students on civil engineering and physical geography courses, as well as researchers and practicing civil engineers. i Geological Hazard and Risk Assessment Kabupaten Ende Contributors Dr. Djadjang Sukarna Sekretariat Badan Geologi, Secretariat of Geological.

News and Announcements Map of Geologic Hazards Published by Kentucky Geological Survey. Damages from geologic hazards in Kentucky don’t make the headlines often, unless an earthquake like the magnitude event on April 18 strikes the region or a sinkhole swallows a section of street and threatens vehicle and structures.

Geological hazard
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