Divorce and annulment

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Family Law Court

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Philippine Laws on Divorce, Separation & Annulment

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Annulment and divorce are both legal processes for ending a marriage, but they differ in how the marriage is treated. Basically, a divorce ends a legally valid marriage, while an annulment ends a marriage that was invalid from the start.

Definitions of Divorce and Annulment. The biggest difference between a divorce and an annulment is that a divorce ends a legally valid marriage, while an annulment formally declares a.

A marriage annulment in Canada is basically a declaration that a valid marriage is void.

About Marriage Annulment and Divorce

Religious Annulment. A legal annulment is not the same thing as a religious annulment. Getting a divorce or having a marriage annulled does not sort out issues relating to children or property.

These arrangements must be made separately. You do not need to be divorced or to have had your marriage annulled in order to make these arrangements. If you are married, you can file your annulment in California as long as you live in California.

There is no required length of time for residency like there is for a divorce. And you can file in the county where you live (again, there is no 3-month residency requirement like with a divorce).

For an. Numbers of clients will say to their Family Lawyer, "I don't want a divorce, I want my marriage annulled", and usually this is to do with a religious belief.

Divorce and annulment
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About Marriage Annulment and Divorce