An examination of major developmental themes

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Developmental Psychology

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These results add to accumulating evidence that tendencies toward self-examination, characteristic of high developmental levels, do not inevitably serve protective functions but may be linked with heightened reactivity to negative intrapsychic forces. Developmental Psychology - Themes, Research Methods, and Prenatal & Brain Development.

STUDY. PLAY. parts of the brain that lie between the major sensory and motor areas and that process and integrate input from those areas. the normal developmental process through which synapses that are rarely activated are elimated.

methodologies employed in developmental study, as well as the characteristics and major developmental tasks of individuals at each phase of the life span: prenatal, birth, infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the final phase of dying and death.

This page describes the major themes that guide research and training in Developmental Psychoogy at Penn State. Perceptual and cognitive development Perceptual and Cognitive development are core interests of the developmental program faculty.

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Jul 15,  · What are some major themes that you should keep in mind when you study developmental psychology? Skip navigation Major Themes in Developmental Psychology Development Exam Prep.

An examination of major developmental themes
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